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Co-Curator Tatiana Lomaheftewa-Singer, Curator of Collections of the Museum of Contemporary Native Art, and I have organized a show of Fine-Art Prints from the MoCNA Collection. A selection of artists included are Emmie Whitehorse, C. Maxx Stephens, and Norman Akers.

Opening Reception will be on January 24, 2014. Please check my website for special programming related to the exhibition. Below you will find the Curatorial Statement for this show.

Bon à Tirer


Bon à Tirer, or more commonly seen written as “B.A.T.” on a Fine Art print, is a French term derived from the tradition of Atelier Printmaking. A literal translation of the French term is good to pull. An artist, usually of international stature, was required to sign B.A.T. along with a signature on a print “pulled” by a Master Printmaker, as an indicator of the Artist’s approval for the Atelier to proceed with producing an edition of prints that were equal to the exceptional quality of the initial B.A.T. For Bon à Tirer, the organizers of this show are using the term as a metaphor for curatorial authority that references their discretion to approve the Fine Art prints on exhibit good to pull or pull out of the MoCNA permanent collection for a representation of the institution’s exceptional collection of prints.

Bon A Tirer

Exhibition of Fine Art Prints